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Differences are highlighted with Bold text.

Feature Standard Edition Professional Edition
Maximum Chart Height 300 inches 300 inches
Maximum Chart Width 300 inches 300 inches
Units of Measure English or Metric English or Metric
Maximum Number of Symbols 4000 4000
Maximum Amount of Text Not Limited Not Limited
Fonts in Symbols Not Limited Not Limited
Horizontal Text Formatting Left, Right, Center Left, Right, Center
Vertical Text Formatting Top, Center Top, Center
Text Line Formatting Automatic Word Wrap and Word Flow in Symbols Automatic Word Wrap and Word Flow in Symbols
Loadable Shape Libraries 10 10
Instructions on How to Define Shapes Yes Yes
Full Color Control on Lines, Symbols, Text and Backgrounds Yes Yes
Automatic Routing of Connecting Lines, Multiple Routing Styles Yes Yes
Toolbar for Frequent Operations Yes Yes
Shapes Palette Yes Yes
Direct Manipulation of Symbols and Lines Yes Yes
Replicate Symbols Yes Yes
Snap to Grid Placement of Symbols Selectable Selectable
Use Template Files Yes Yes
Export to Graphics Formats PNG, WMF, EMF, VML, SVG PNG, WMF, EMF, VML, SVG
Create Web Pages in One Step Yes Yes
Date and Time Text Macros Yes Yes
International Text Support Yes Yes
Drag and Drop Support Yes Yes
Formatted Text From Other Apps. Yes Yes
Stretch and Shrink Symbols One at a Time One or Several at a Time
Spread or Compact Spacing Between Symbols   Yes
Text Orientation Horizontal Select any 90 Degree Increment
Shape Transormations   Rotate in 90 Degree Increments. Reflect Horizontally or Vertically
Integrated Spelling Checker   Yes
Document Name, Symbol Number and Page Number Macros   Yes
Drawing Order for Lines Last First or Last
Find / Replace Text   Yes
Text Format for Pre or Post Processing of Chart Data   Yes, XML formats
Align to Grid, Row or Column   Yes
Link Symbols to Documents Execute Function Ole Compound Document Support
Load Pictures Into Symbols From Files and Clipboard Files, Clipboard and OLE Objects

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