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What Our Customers Say About Chartist

"As a graduate school professor, I find that a good flowchart or diagram can often clarify an important concept. I have used Chartist for many years, and found it to be an excellent, user-friendly program that makes it easy to construct simple or complex diagrams and use them alone or import them into word-processing programs. Chartist earns my highest recommendation."
Henry Virkler, Ph.D., Professor of Psychology
Palm Beach Atlantic University

"I have used Novagraph's Chartist for elaborating complex logical frameworks for internatonal development programs and knowledge management for USAID. The new version of Chartist is especially useful for importing charts into other programs like MS Word and PowerPoint."
Antony A. Phipps, Ph.D.

"For me, it is better than any other flow chart software I have used or seen. My experiences with this software and company make one feel that you are really a customer focus high tech and easy to use product company."
Richard B. Simmons

"An easy to use charting program that enables us to produce charts for the organisation and output them in a form suitable for integration with other software packages."
Ken Rainsforth - Catalysts Limited UK

"I was involved with a meeting at a telesuite in which my project team members from Europe, and various locations throughout Virginia were on plasma display screens. It was all very first-class. We tried to use the facility's built-in PC to share graphic flow charting development over NetMeeting, but the facility did not have Visio or PowerPoint, my client's 'approved' program. This was a HUGE risk to producing results. I whipped out my jump drive that contains a downloaded demo copy of Chartist-Pro and installed TEMPORARILY onto the PC as a DEMO (we had 20 uses to get it right). The facilitator was ELATED. He was not familiar with Chartist but found it EASY TO USE (easier than the Microsoft alternatives) and JUST AS EFFECTIVE as the other programs. Chartist saved the day and won a new customer for Novagraph."
Randy L. Peeler, PMP
Glen Alan, VA

"I have been a registered user of Chartist for about 8 years. I continue to praise the software to anyone who will listen. I recommend that my students use it for any diagrams they have to produce." - Ted Bown, RMIT University, Melbourne. Australia

"Chartist has really been helpful, to me, over the years, during application analysis/design and in documenting the enhancements we make to many of our applications.. Way easier to understand and follow, and review with end users/management than text in a word doc..." - Les Scott, Norpac Foods

"In my position as a system architect, I exclusively use Chartist for process and database modeling. I find the tool ideal to communicate my designs with both client management and technical developers. The new version 5.0 brings additional functionality I can use to make my models more understandable, which will result in more rapid system implementation." - Darryl Goebel, Raleigh, NC

"Not being the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to computers and software, customer support is very important to me. Novagraph's support is first rate. Thank you, Novagraph for all your help. You are my hero!" - Judith Ramsey, ABYC

"Having used Chartist since 1998, I can vouch for it's quick and easy GUI, flawless arrow connections and a fantastic palette of symbols, fonts and color schemes. Having "invested" in other packages and left them in the box after hours of frustration, I can highly recommend the power of Chartist 5.0. This program is a must-have desktop link." - Owen Moore, Clinical PT Specialist

"I've been using Chartist for years (since around 1988-1990, I think) and would just like to say how much I like it. It's intuitive and easy to use (unlike some applications) and I recommend it whenever I can. Good work - keep it up." - Peter Kingston

"After trying Chartist Professional I found it a smart, no-nonsense program and would happily recommend it to anyone seeking a really innovative flow chart solution." - Adam Aloi

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