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Unusual Uses of Chartist

As the developer of Chartist, I naturally use it a lot. I see it not only as a flowcharting and diagramming application, but also as a pretty generalized, direct manipulation layout tool.

Here are a few examples to show you what I did.

Iron-On Decals Clothes

My wife wanted to make some iron on decals to apply to baby clothing. She was planning on giving these as gifts. I found some clip art and imported it into Chartist, then used some of the more decorative typefaces in colors that matched the clip art. Since that decal sheets are a little pricey, I was able to group the decals close together to minimize waste. (Don't forget to set your printer to "mirror" print decals, so they will be the right way around when they are ironed on.)


Tile Pattern

I wanted to lay out tile pattern for the floor of a room in my house, using three different sized tiles. I used Chartist to play around with the different patterns.

Floor tile pattern

CD ROM Label Layout

This is a layout for a CD ROM label, that I used a few years back. You can see the outline of the round disk as a white line. The little charting symbols were drawn full size, exported, then imported back into Chartist as a graphic, and shrunk down. The text is inside text blocks.

CD Label

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